Program hierarchy Showing 0 on Planned Cost Values
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Program hierarchy Showing 0 on Planned Cost Values


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In some Programs, the hierarchy is not working properly because there are subprojects with planned cost that sometimes do not show any cost (Showing 0.00 Values), but yes a 'Net Present Value' NPV in the hierarchy of the main project but 'Net Present Value' NPV is not affecting the totals.



All CA PPM Versions.


The Allocation % on the hierarchy page was set to 0%

That field is used for the children and if the child is allocated to more than one program or subproject the amounts need to be adjusted as the total cannot be more than 100%. Please check to see if your Allocations are 0%. That would be a reason the costs would show as 0. 


Click on that 0% in the Allocation field and then change the amount. 

If you click on it and the project/program is associated to more than one parent you will have to put the percentages on each one. They must total to 100%

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Project hierarchy Showing 0 on Planned Cost Values