Elements Missing from TopN reports
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Elements Missing from TopN reports


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CA eHealth


Some elements are missing when we run a TopN reports on group. For e.g. when a TopN report is run on GroupA with 15 elements in it, you would get only 10 elements listed in the report.


All eHealth version installed on any supported OS


eHealth TopN reports are designed to exclude elements from it, if they do not have any data in them for the period a report is run.

If report is ran for previous 7 days and there is no data in the 5 out of 15 elements, then you will get only 10 elements listed in report. Similarly, if there is even 1 day of data in report for an element in previous days, then it will be listed in the report.


This functionality is working as designed, but following steps can be taken to resolve the problem:

1. Resolve polling errors for the elements that does not have any data in them

2. Retire / Delete those elements, if they are no longer required to be polled or not accessible

3. Remove them from the group