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Solution Kit Install Error: This mapping requires the property 'SK_AllowMappingOverride' be set to true by the .skar file author


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CA API Gateway


When attempting to install a solution kit, for example OAuth Toolkit or Mobile API Gateway, you receive the below error:

"This Solution Kit does not allow overriding of this mapping.

  This mapping requires the property “SK_AllowMappingOverride” be set to true by the .skar file author."





To resolve this issue you must increase the value of the MySQL variable: max_allowed_packet

This command can be run at the MySQL prompt to dynamically change the value. Please note this will affect all new connections until a restart occurs.

SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet = 33554432;


Additional Information

Please note: The value need may be different for each environment and the sample max packet size above is only provided as a guideline.  It is best to increase the value gradually as needed.  Please refer to your DBA or MySQL documentation for further guidance in refining this to best suit your environment.