Clarity not exporting dependencies to MSP predecessors column using Spanish language (New Driver)


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • When you have a project in CA PPM (Clarity) with dependencies and you export that info to Microsoft Project (MSP):
    • It's only showing 'Finish-Finish' dependencies in Predecessors column
    • All other dependencies disappear. 
  • This is happening with MSP new driver add in and Spanish language. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. To reproduce this problem you must have installed the MSP new driver and have MSP Spanish Language 
  2. In PPM, go to Home -> Projects 
  3. Create a new project
  4. Go to the Tasks tab and click New
  5. Enter required information and click the 'Submit and Create New' button 
  6. Enter the required information for the second task and click Save 
  7. Select the Properties drop down and then Dependencies
  8. Click New and select the task created in step 5 and click Next
  9. For Type, choose anything aside from Finish-Finish relationship and click Save and Return
  10. Export the project to MSP
  11. Add the Predecessor column to the view if not there already.

Expected Results: MSP shows the dependency in the Predecessors column (In Spanish it is called Predecesoras)

Actual Results: MSP only shows 'Finish-Finish' dependencies in the Predecessors column (In Spanish is called Predecesoras), all others are missing


This is caused by CLRT-80614


This applies to CA PPM 14.3, 14.4, and 15.1 MSP New Driver


This issue is fixed in PPM 15.2

Important: In order to see this fix, (and any other CA PPM MSP Interface fixes) after upgrading CA PPM, the latest MSP New Driver version will also need to be installed.

  • Before installing, first uninstall the existing MSP New Driver components from the workstation which include:
    • CAClarityAddin, CA PPM Schedule Connect, CA PPM Microsoft Project Interface
  • The latest MSP New Driver can be installed from PPM in Home->Account Settings->Software Downloads.  (Ensure the bit level installed matches that of Microsoft Project.)


1. Change to MSP Interface legacy version.
2. Work with English language.

Additional Information

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