Zero percent Bandwidth Utilization in interface reports
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Zero percent Bandwidth Utilization in interface reports


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CA eHealth


We have observed there are few devices for which we are unable to generate utilization report for serial interface. Bits In / Bit Out values in these report shows 0, even though the interface are active and there is traffic flowing on them.


eHealth Windows 2008


eHealth is assigning High Speed MTF to these elements upon discovery, as mentioned below:

DeviceName-Serial0/0/0 - mib2-v2c-hs-IF-20.mtf 2M:2M 

DeviceName-Serial0/0/1 - mib2-v2c-hs-IF-20.mtf 1M:1M

These interfaces are 1Mbps and 2Mbps respectively. We should not be polling high speed counters. We should be polling the 32 bit counters. 

When we change the MTF to Mib2.mtf or Mib2-v2c.mtf, then it polls fine, so this is a problem where 32 bit counters are being polled as high speed counters due to wrong MTF being assigned.


A permanent fix to this problem is expected to be included in eHealth release. But, one can also apply following work round to fix the problem.

  • Create a new discover policy the way it is created in your PROD env. 
  • Discover the device 
  • Reproduce the problem, by ensuring low speed interface gets high speed MTF assigned to them - "mib2-v2c-hs-IF-20.mtf" 
  • Modify the discover policy and create a new parameter with following information:


Value: Yes

  •  Rediscover the device, and check if the MTF is now changed to "Mib2-v2c.mtf" or "mib2-lan.mtf"
     Once its changed, you should be able to get data in reports.

Additional Information

We recommend this to be applied in test environment first.