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Create a new field in CA PPM with the default value of '0'.

When trying to present this field in the Jaspersoft report it displays a blank column, it should display '0' (zero).



CA PPM 14.3


Steps To Reproduce:

1. Created attribute and give it a name, for example: 'Test A'

a. For the ‘Data Type’ select ‘Number’
b. Set ‘Default Value’ to ‘0’
c. Tick ‘Read-Only’

2. Run a Full Load Datawarehouse job

3. Click on ‘Home’ and select ‘Advanced Reporting’

4. Click on ‘Create’ button under ‘Ad Hoc Views’

5. Select ‘Project Management’ for the domain

6. Select ‘Project Name’ and ‘Test A’ from ‘Custom’ source.

7. Set the ‘New Ad Hoc View’ to ‘Crosstab’ and ‘Sample Data’

8. Drag over ‘Project Name’ to ‘Rows' field

9. Drag over ‘Test A’ to ‘Columns’ field

Expected Result: To see ‘0’ listed in the column called ‘Test A’

Actual Result: Column ‘Test A’ shows blank fields.


This is by design.  CA PPM is reporting information correctly from the database. 

The database is displaying the value as '(null)' which means the field will be blank instead of showing '0'