CA Plex C# function Error MC3074
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CA Plex C# function Error MC3074


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CA Plex


When I gen and build my CA Plex Application's C# function, I get an MC3074 error stating that a certain TAG is not found in an XML namespace. What is causing this issue and how do I resolve it?


Release: ESBPLX99000-7.1-Cool Plex-Extended Support Basic


The line (from RJlF_ObPnl.xaml) where the error is reported is the below one. 

<Setter Property="Text" Value="{Copy Street Mailing Address}" /> 

If the property value starts with “{“then the C# runtime treats it as a property which has already been defined somewhere. In WPF terms it denotes the entry point of a markup extension. It doesn’t treat the above text as a simple literal. This is the reason for the error.


So please remove the curly braces from the property value. The line above should be rewritten like below. 

<Setter Property="Text" Value="Copy Street Address to Mailing Address" /> 

In case that you still want the curly braces as part of the literal, then you need to add proper escape sequence along with them. Same line with escape sequence is like below. 

<Setter Property="Text" Value="{}{Copy Street Address to Mailing Address}" /> 

With this the curly braces would be treated as literals and compilation goes fine.