Logging in takes a long time.
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Logging in takes a long time.


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CA Process Automation Base


We are using NTLM authentication for Process Automation but when we try to login to Process Automation it takes several minutes to login and load home page.



4.3 HF1


There are many factors that can cause slow response times when logging into CA Process Automation, one of the main causes however has been identified as the resolve nested groups' option selection for 'group resolution level'  in EEM essentially when EEM is integrated with Active Directory that has large number of groups defined.


  • To address this specific problem, navigate to the EEM LDAP integration page and under group configuration look for ‘Group Resolution level’ which by default is set to 'Resolve nested groups'.
  • Change ‘Group Resolution level’ from ‘Resolve Nested Groups’ to ‘Do Not Resolve groups’. This will prevent EEM from expanding each AD group resulting in faster login.

Note:  Do NOT set "Application Group level" to "Do Not Resolve Groups".  This should be set to "Resolve Nested group".  If Application group level is set to "Do not Resolve Groups" this could cause "No Authentication Policy for User" errors when trying to login.

Example of proper configuration discussed here:


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