RSM: Validation error when creating a defect
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RSM: Validation error when creating a defect


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


NOTE: CA Agile Central Support Manager and CA Agile Central IBM ClearQuest Integration will no longer be enhanced or fixed and technical support will be discontinued effective September 30, 2017. Learn more here.


I get an error when trying to create a defect from Rally Support Manger like:
"Error Creating defect in Rally with case Id: 500300000099Ai9 with the following Error: Validation error: Defect.customAttributes[0].value should not be null"
This means there is a required field in Rally that is not being sent by Rally Support Manger when creating the defect and that you will need to update your fields mappings in the Rally Support Manager Setup.


Component: ACPREM


In Salesforce, go to Rally Support Manager in your Apps dropdown.
  • Go to the RSM Setup Tab and click the link for your RS0000 Rally Setup Object.
  • In this window, click the button for Rally Defect Fields and this will bring up a window for the mappings of your Salesforce fields to the fields for Rally.
  • The leftmost(blue circle) column provides a set of dropdowns to select the Salesforce Case field you would like to map to the Rally Field (Red Circle).
  • To fix the error you are seeing, you want to make sure you have mapped a case field to your required custom field in Rally or select <Default Value> and put in a Default Value in the text field.