How to Monitor eHealth Database using UIM
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How to Monitor eHealth Database using UIM


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CA eHealth


When using UIM to monitor the eHealth Oracle database, the error "You need to have SELECT rights on TS$(tablespaces) to run the probe properly" is generated.


UIM any version

eHealth any version


The error occurs due to insufficient privileges for the user (eHealth) that you are using in the probe to connect to the database.


A database user needs to be created in eHealth Oracle that is used to configure monitoring via UIM.

Connect to the eHealth server and follow these instructions:

  1. Start sqlplus as the sysdba user.
    sqlplus "sys/[email protected]$NH_DB_CONNECT_STRING as sysdba"
  2. Enter the following commands to create a user named nimmon.
    create user nimmon identified by nimmon;
    grant connect to nimmon;
    grant select_catalog_role to nimmon;
    grant select on gv_$sort_segment to nimmon;
    grant select on sys.ts$ to nimmon;
    select * from all_users; - to show all the users with username nimmon
    ALTER USER nimmon IDENTIFIED BY nimmon; - to change the password of nimmon to nimmo
  3. Exit from sqlplus

You can now use nimmon in UIM to access the tables to monitor the Oracle database.