DE JMS Subscribe job failed with status "Internal error, javax/jms/JMSException"
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DE JMS Subscribe job failed with status "Internal error, javax/jms/JMSException"


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


CAWA DE Application Services JMS Subscribe job returned

SUBERROR with status "Internal error, javax/jms/JMSException"


Release: WKLOEB01300-11.3-Workload Automation-Agent for Oracle EBusiness Ste


The JMS Subscribe job was running against the BEA WebLogic server and this error was caused by mismatching the version of the BEA WebLogic software and the jar file required by the CAWA Application Services Agent.


The Agent testing was based on BEA WebLogic version 8.1 and as such required the weblogic.jar file been copied into the Agent's installation (yet as agent's documentation describes). However, if WebLogic is of the version 10.0 or higher, it uses the wlfullclient.jar instead of the weblogic.jar. The wlfullclient.jar can be created by using WebLogic JarBuilder Tool; please refer current Oracle jar builder information, or any other sources of the WebLogic server.

As soon as the wlfullclient.jar file created - copy it into Agent's installation, and JMS job should start to execute successfully.