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After adding a new URL Group, the URL Grouping is incorrect and the Default group is not displayed.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


In the default configuration, URLs accessed on applications reporting under Frontends|Apps all URLs are grouped into the Default group.

If you have configured URL grouping to add extra groups besides the Default group, you may notice that some matching is occurring, but other URLs start to be reported as individual metrics and the Default group is missing.



All Supported APM Releases.


When listing the URL grouping keys in IntroscopeAgent.profile, make sure that there are no spaces in the comma-separated list.

For example, if entering this configuration: 
introscope.agent.urlgroup.keys=group1, group2, default

group1 configuration will work, since there is no space, however, you will get these errors in the IntroscopeAgent.log for the following groups:

[WARN] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] Mis-configured agent 
properties: group2.pathprefix has value 
null -- it must be non-null and non-empty
[WARN] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] Mis-configured agent
properties: default.pathprefix has value|
null -- it must be non-null and non-empty

Notice the space in the error message.

To resolve this, make sure that there are no spaces in the list: