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XOG: The objectType 'inboundTransaction' has been deprecated. Please use the objectType 'transaction' instead


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The sample files for XML Open Gateway (XOG) need to be updated for creating financial transaction entries.

Update the "imp_transactions_read.xml" and the "imp_transactions_write.xml" sample files to correct the 'objectType' value from "outboundTransaction" and "inboundTransaction" to simply "transaction".

A change was made to the XOG action and if the end-user uses this sample file the following error message is generated: "The objectType 'inboundTransaction' has been deprecated. Please use the objectType 'transaction' instead". The user then has to manually change this value.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use the sample "imp_transactions_write.xml" file to create your own valid, financial transactions ; do not alter the "<Header>" element.
  2. Execute the XOG write action.

Expected Result: I should see no error messages in the xog output results.
Actual Result: But instead I see error message : "The objectType 'inboundTransaction' has been deprecated. Please use the objectType 'transaction' instead" in the xog output results.


Change the 'objectType' value to "transaction" in the "<Header>" element.

Be sure to type the word "transaction" in lower case letters.

Execute the XOG write action again.

Additional Information

In the current releases of CA PPM, this problem may show itself in the XOG output response with the following message:

XOG exception: [Error] :0:0: attribute "objectType" has a bad value: the value is not a member of the enumeration.

This is an XML grammar parsing error, caused because inboundTransaction is no longer in the lit of valid 'objectType' attribute values that you can choose from.  The same solution applies, use 'transaction' instead, which is in the list.