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Receive error SER-0104 when adding custom attributes to Financial Rollup view in Project Hierarchy tab


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When you add a custom attribute to the Financial Rollup view in the Project Hierarchy tab, the following error is generated: SER-0104: The hierarchy was not retrieved. 

The application log (app-ca.log) shows a dynamically built query that contains the new field in the SELECT statement but the table that the field is in (odf_ca_financials) is not declared in the FROM statement and an error saying the field can not be bound is returned.
The same error message can occur for other types of user-defined attributes including data type= Money.

Note: This issue happens with the below views:

  • Financial Rollup (view Basic & Detail)
  • Effort Rollup (view Basic & Detail)
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. In PPM, go to Administration->Objects->Financials->Attributes
  2. Create a new attribute (Example: attr_string (data type= string)
  3. Open a project and go to the Hierarchy tab
  4. Select the Options icon then Configure
  5. Go to List Column Layout
  6. Add the new attribute created (In this example: attr_string) to 'Selected Columns'
  7. Save and Return

Expected Result: The updated column list is displayed on the Hierarchy tab.

Actual Result: Receive "Error: SER-0104: The hierarchy was not retrieved." and the column list in not displayed.


This is caused by CLRT-74027


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


Our sustaining team reviewed CLRT-74027 and determined they will not be making any changes to this area of the product. For more details please review the Customer-Reported Defect Resolution Policy for PPM.    



If you do run into this error, below are the steps to fix the issue.


For all users:

  1. Go to Administration->View
  2. Check "Financial Rollup (Basic)::service.billOfInvestmentsList" (object = Investment Rollup)
  3. Click on the 'Publish' button

Note: This will republish the system-defined view and remove any personal configurations for all users.


For one user:

Reference KB 30510 - How to Restore Defaults in PPM to Resolve Corruption or System Errors



Optional: You can prevent users from adding a custom attribute to the view by not allowing end users to configure the view.  

  1. Log in to the application as an administrator user
  2. Navigate to Administration->Objects->'Investment Rollup' Object->Views tab
  3. Click on the [Options] link for the 'Financial Rollup (Basic) view    
  4. Uncheck the option 'Allow Configuration'
  5. Any changes made to 'Options' configuration must be 'Published' to all users.  This will reset all user configurations to the system configuration and prevent the users from making configuration changes to this view

Additional Information

30510 - How to Restore Defaults in PPM to Resolve Corruption or System Errors

Reference: Customer-Reported Defect Resolution Policy for PPM