Unable to select discovery after spectrum integration.
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Unable to select discovery after spectrum integration.


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CA eHealth


After running the Spectrum integration, we find that the discovery function is grayed out and we see error messages:

Exception processing eHealth service table.
eHealth server version is below 6.0 **
Caused by: com.concord.api.discover.service.DiscoverException: (404)Not Found
The discoverif service is probably missing.

We have had instances in the past that the .war files did not explode properly on the install / upgrade.

You may verify services by checking the following: (do this on each server in the cluster):

http://servername:port/eHealthServices/services (case sensitive!!!)


Any eHealth or Spectrum Version


If the install or upgrade failed on the eHealth side:

You will need to delete all the sub-directories under the webapps directory, but keep the .war files.

Review this directory prior to any steps: eHealthHome\web\tomcat\webapps

As you can see there is a .war file for each directory in this folder.

Please take the following steps:

  • stop tomcat
  • Delete the sub-directories and leave the .war files.
  • Start tomcat and the directories will re-populate.

eHealth tomcat is set to automatically explode war files on startup; this will re-populate the deleted directories.


NOTE: ALL eHealth Server's Must be at the same HTTP or HTTPS web Port!