Denied agents appear in Workstation's Status Console.
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Denied agents appear in Workstation's Status Console.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Denied agents appear in Workstation. According to the agent log, the agent is connected but it is in disallowed mode.


Application Performance Management 10.7 release.


The following items are possible reasons for this occurrence:

  • Due to configuration in loadbalancing.xml preventing an agent from connecting to any Collector.
  • Due to the following configuration combinations:
    The introscope.apm.agentcontrol.agent.allowed property (in the Collector is set to true and loadbalancing.xml (config file on MOM server) disallows the agent.
    The introscope.apm.agentcontrol.agent.allowed property is set to false and the loadbalancing.xml file does not explicitly allow the agent.
    Either of these clamp values are reached or exceeded:
    introscope.enterprisemanager.agent.disallowed.connection.limit (in the Collector
    introscope.enterprisemanager.agent.connection.limit (in MOM apm-events-thresholds.config.xml)


Review loadbalancing.xml configuration and syntax.  If needed revert back to a default Out Of The Box file.

Make sure the and apm-events-thresholds.config.xml have the appropriate values for clamps in your environment.