CA Software Asset Manager Master Catalog import in "locked" state
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CA Software Asset Manager Master Catalog import in "locked" state


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The Master Catalog Import job for CA Software Asset Manager (CA SAM) may have been cancelled or aborted before it completed. As a result, the import job displays a "locked" state in the CA SAM user interface. 

New Catalog imports will not run when the status is in a locked state. 


CA Software Asset Manager, any release level


To unlock a blocked catalog import (or any import that is locked), perform these steps: 

  1. Verify the import has really crashed: 
    Look in {url}/admin/import_status.php for the last time a record was changed.
    Note that long running single queries do not show here until finished.
    For installations using PHP as a CGI binary, look for a corresponding running process, 
    (e.g. 'php-cgi.exe' in task manager)
  2. Login as a user with superuser rights (e.g. admin)
  3. Call {url}/admin/sys_conf.php and change the value of the key 'control_data_import' from 'locked' to 'idle'
  4. Call {url}/admin/import_status.php and use the link to delete all shown transactions
  5. Look in all data_exchange 'in' directories for files with the ending '.run'
    There might be a IPP xml file that was left in this state due to a crashed import. Rename it to '.xml'. 
  6. Reset the status of the data_exchange cronjob to 'ok' and change the next_run value to the next regular execution time
  7. Reset the status of dependant cronjobs to 'ok'
  8. Restart the Import