The Fiscal Data Warehouse Time Slices Are Not Updating
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The Fiscal Data Warehouse Time Slices Are Not Updating


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Why are the Fiscal Data Warehouse (DWH) slices not updating?

In the Administration - Data Administration - Time Slices page, the 'Expiration' column on the fiscal slices either has an outdated date and/or the 'Last Run' column is either null or has an outdated date as well. The remaining time slices are getting updated as expected. 


This is because the Entity, Fiscal Time Periods for the Data Warehouse Entity have not been activated or have been deactivated. 

  1. Go to Administration, Finance: Setup, Entity 
  2. Open the Entity that is associated with the Data Warehouse 
  3. Click on 'Fiscal Time Periods' tab 
  4. Create and/or Activate the Monthly time periods that cover the range of the fiscal DWH time slices set in the Time Slices page  
  5. Run an instance of the Time Slicing job  
Alternatively, the range that the Fiscal Time Slices cover can be updated to include only the Fiscal Periods that remain active.