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Windows 10 Certification Agent Patch RO88134


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How to apply Windows 10 Agent Patch RO88134? Can it be applied to any machine or only windows 10 machines?



Windows (any)

- Client Automation 12.9



1.  Extract RO88134 by running the following command:

     -cazipxp -u RO88134.caz  Note that cazip.exe and cazipxp.exe need to be in the same folder as RO88134.caz. These files can be downloaded from:


     -Running the above command creates patch.caz which also needs to be extracted:

     -cazipxp -u patch.caz


2.  Import the Windows 10 agent packages to the Software Library and Infrastructure Deployment by running the dmscript command from the 

     extracted patch directory \Patch\DVD_Agent_windows_10>

     dmscript.exe dsmpush.dms copy -regsd -regdm -am -sd -rc

     The new version of the agents that are added will be the build of the agent packages:

<Please see attached file for image>



Note: To add the NLS packages to Software Package Library and Deployment wizard run the command:

           dmscript.exe dsmpush.dms copy -regsd -regdm -am -sd -rc -P NLS


This updated build must be applied to machines running Windows 10, but it can also be applied to any Windows machine that CA Client Automation version 12.9 supports.

Note: Windows 10 recognition patch RO86776.CAZ must also be applied to the Domain Mangers, Enterprise Manager and Remote DSM Explorer machnines.


Additional Information:

Please review the client automation compatibility matrix Agent link for all supported windows operating systems for version 12.9:




Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence


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