How can I enable DEBUG mode for UMP, USM, ListViewer or Performance Report displays?
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How can I enable DEBUG mode for UMP, USM, ListViewer or Performance Report displays?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



How can I enable DEBUG mode for UMP, USM, ListViewer or Performance Report displays?


Normally you use the following keys to enable debug mode:
Use Ctrl / for Internet Explorer or Chrome, and F11 for Firefox as required.

Click inside the given chart or table and hit the keys/key combos mentioned above.

A debug window should appear.

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Click one or more of the 'bug' icons like SQL (database icon) to turn on debugging.

NOTE: For USM, the SQL debug information is also saved into the portal.log for review

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After performing whatever operation you need to, e.g., click on an object, open a chart etc., you should see the bug icon in the upper rt-hand corner of the window OR a yellow icon (looks like a yield sign) on the bottom of the window, e.g., in Performance Reports designer. Clicking on the yellow Yield icon may show output that you can use to asses your problem such as:


Data not located for:|QOS_MEMORY_PAGING|
Usually this means a report template was applied to a system for which not all of the QoS objects were defined or a QoS object was incorrectly specified on the URL.

Once you see it you can click on it for debug output window to show all the query details.

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You can then hover or even double-click on an individual 'Method', e.g., if there is an error and/or its red.

You can use Ctrl-A then Ctrl C to do so, then paste via Ctrl V to paste it into a file or the case itself if it is not too large (but it usually has a lot of text in the output).

The debug options exist in Listviewer as well (and most of the Flash based portlets.)  The method for accessing and using it is the same as USM - although sometimes you have to click in 'just the right spot' - for example, on the main maximized report window etc., to make sure the portlet is actively chosen in the browser when enabling debug.

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To exit debug mode simply re-click the green bug icon to deselect it/turn it off and reload the browser.

Additional Information:

Please also refer to the attachment to this Article with some other screen shots as well.

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