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Cluster Probe Available Storage with Windows 2012


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Problem:?The cluster probe will report Cluster Groups on Windows 2012, particularly the 'Available Storage' group, as unavailable even when they are up and running....

This issue is caused by the cluster.exe command line feature?not being installed and enabled by default on Windows 2012 machines.

The Windows 2008 has the 'cluster.exe' file in the windows\system32 directory while Windows 2012 does not have it present.

The Cluster probe requires this command line feature to work properly.

This article that should show your cluster administrator how to install the command line option to get the cluster.exe installed.

Using the above link as a guide, install the 'Failover Cluster Command Interface - RSAT-Clusterind-CmdInterface' Windows Feature.
This issue was found with the below versions:
UIM 8.2
UMP 8.2
Cluster 3.31
controller 7.70
hub 7.70

Key Words and Links:
cluster probe unavailable available storage status resource group cluster.exe failover


Component: CAUIM