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Can you create autonumbered tasks in MSP or OWB to save to PPM?


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  • Is it possible to create an auto-numbered task from Microsoft Project (MSP) or Open Workbench (OWB)?
  • The Task ID Auto-Increment is not working when a task is added from a scheduler such as MSP


This is working as designed. Auto numbering of task IDs is not possible if the task is created in OWB or MSP.


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: ODMSP, PPMMSP


If you want to use the autonumbering for tasks you must create the tasks in Clarity before they are exported to MSP or OWB.

A few options to have a task ID populated from within the scheduler tools:

  1. MSP: If you are creating tasks in Microsoft Project (MSP), you can enter a Task ID manually in the Text1 field to create a task ID for those tasks.
  2. OWB: You can add the ID attribute to your OWB view and enter an ID manually and that will be saved to Clarity.

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