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How can I remove a tenant that has subtenants?


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When I try to set the Status of a particular tenant to "Inactive", I receive the message,  "AHD05495:Cannot inactivate a tenant with subtenants".

How can I remove a tenant that has subtenants?


In order to remove a tenant, you would set the tenant to Inactive.  However, to successfully set a tenant to Inactive, there must be no active tenant that has its Parent field set to the tenant that is being inactivated.  If the tenant that you want to inactivate has "Subtenant allowed" set to "Yes", then it is possible that there are active subtenants for this parent tenant.

So, first of all, you must find all of the subtenants of the parent tenant.  To do that, you could use the search Filter for the Tenant List to find the list of active subtenants that have the specific parent tenant.  

Then, edit each tenant in the search results list:  in the Parent field of each, either select a different parent tenant from the dropdown list or select "<empty>".    Alternatively, if the subtenant is no longer needed, set the status to Inactive.  

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For more information about multi-tenancy, including parents tenants and subtenants, please review the information at the following page:



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