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Receiving a DCD0093E error while running the LDS/OLV Unload/Reload procedure


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


When running the CA Dispatch  LDS unload/reload procedure you receive one or more of the following error messages: 

     *DCD0093E- LDS Access Error RC=004 Function=GETRP RPTXXX01 RPTABV10 


How does this affect the unload/reload process? 






Message DCD0093E indicates a probable "out of sync" condition between the OV database file and the LDS files. 


Release: 11.7
Component: CA Dispatch


As long as the unload job continues to run to successful completion it is still a "GOOD" backup/unload in the sense that it unloaded everything that it could based on the VALID OV database pointers. However, the reports that received the DCD0093E errors could not be backed up and thus, will not be reloaded. 

Additional Information

Additional Information:

Article Id: 11071 - Title: Instructions for executing the OLV/LDS Unload/Reload procedure (If running CA Dispatch release 11.6)


If running CA Dispatch release 11.7, refer to the CA Dispatch Systems Programmer Guide, Chapter 13, Utilities, The Unload/Reload Utilities for details.