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Different path for "Activate" directory during deployment


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The installation of the same package is different for workstations reporting to two distinct scalability servers.  

In the first case the activate directory is created locally as "C:\Program Files\CA\....", in the other case the directory is  "Z:\activate\ ...."

What explanation is there for the activate path being local when installing a package via one scalability server while it is a mapped network drive when installing via another scalability server?


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The agent maps to the Z: drive if the download method is internal NOS and it is able to access the SDLIBRARY$ share on the scalability server.

This share points to the library on the Scalability Server and can be set by deploying the Scalability server's "Enable SDLIB share" procedure. 

If the download method is not "internal NOS" but anything else, e.g. internal NOS-less, OR if the share has not been created or is not accessible because permissions have not been set correctly, the agent will not map the Z: drive.
The entire package will be transferred to the target first and executed from there, hence you will see the C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\SD\tmp\activate\... referred to in the logs. 

Configuration policy may dictate another letter than Z is used to map the drive (ReservedMapDrive) or not to map a drive at all and use UNC path designations (MapDrive = false):


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