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How to execute a DSM Report in command line ?


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DSM Reports can be generated manually using DSM Reporter GUI.  Scheduled report are generated by an Engine.
However it is sometimes interesting to execute a report using a command line. For example to include the generation of a report in a script.

But how can you generate a report with a command line ?




Following command line could be used for DSM Report (templateid) and DSM Scheduled Report (scheduleid) :
dsmreporter.exe [manager:<manager_address>] templateid:<templateid>
dsmreporter.exe [manager:<manager_address>] scheduleid:<scheduleid>


<manager_address> > is the dns name or the ip address of the manager machine. If the command line is executed directly on the DOMAIN Manager, this parameter is not necessary.


The value of templateid or scheduledid could be found in the properties of the Report/Scheduled Report in the Additionnal tab in field ObjectID


<Please see attached file for image>

Report Properties


<Please see attached file for image>



<Please see attached file for image>

Report Properties




Examples of command line :

START /WAIT dsmreporter.exe templateid:611
START /WAIT dsmreporter.exe manager:domain_test templateid:611
START /WAIT dsmreporter.exe manager:domain_test scheduleid:612



Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence


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