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Is it possible to configure PAM with IMAPS? If possible what are the steps involved.


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CA Process Automation Base


What are the steps involved in configuring PAM with IMAPS so that we can use it for E-Mail operators and E-Mail Triggers?


Release: ITPASA99000-4.3

Process Automation-Add On License for-CA Server Automation


Please follow below steps

1. Get the Exchange Server certificate from Exchange administrator 

 To Retrieve the SSL certificate of the Exchange server (mmc+Certificates plugin, export), save as .cer file.

2. Import the Exchange SSL certificate into PAM’s keystore

Keytool -import -alias PAM -file c:\exchg-cert.cer -keystore “C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.7.0_45\\jre\\lib\\security\\cacerts”


-   The keytool program is part of the Java installation.

-   Keytool prompts for a password. The password is 'changeit' by default.

-   Keytool prompts whether to 'Trust this certificate?[no]'. Enter yes.

3. Open up the file C:\Program Files\CA\PAM\server\c2o\bin\c2osvcw.conf

  Add the following lines in the CA Process Automation file:



4. Restart the Orchestrator

5. When you specify any GetMail operator parameters, override the protocol parameter like below: