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Creating Request Database Reports


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Can VM:Schedule provide a report or list of requests that were scheduled in the past?  



Yes, use the VMDRPT utility.   

VMDRPT capabilities include: 

  • Producing a report that lists some or all requests in the CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0 request database.
    This report can use a selection file that controls request selection and ordering. You select the report contents by changing VMDRPT parameters and running the utility.
  • Including specific requests in the report.
    You can specify which requests to include in a report by entering SELECT records in the selection file. 
  • Excluding specific requests from the report.
    You can specify which requests to omit from a report by entering IGNORE records in the selection file. .
  • Sorting and positioning requests in report fields.
    You can determine the order in which requests are included in a report by entering a SORT record in the selection file. 


Additional Information:

 For more information, see VM:Schedule’s Administration Guide, Chapter 6: Creating Request Database Reports with the VMDRPT Utility



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