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Excluding NFS mounts from monitoring using AutoWatchers


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This document explains how to exclude NFS mount points from disk based autowatchers.


  1. SystemEDGE has a parameter called "no_stat_nfs_filesystems".   When this is enabled SystemEDGE will populate the nfs file systems within the device table (devTableEntry - with values of 0.   SystemEDGE will not actively poll these files systems for information.

  2. When building any disk based autowatcher SystemEDGE will use device table (devTableEntry - to enumerate the files systems which are present on the box.   This will include nfs file systems.  Even though these nfs file systems are added to the sysedge.mon file since the values for these are 0 there will not be any traps, but it is cleaner if they are not present.

  3. Here is an example how to exclude the nfs file systems from the autowatcher.   This will only work if the file systems are detected by systemEDGE as nfs:

    <Please see attached file for image>


  4. You can verify what disks show up as nfs by polling devType (

<14> <> <OctetString> <ext4>

<14> <> <OctetString> <tmpfs>

<14> <> <OctetString> <nfs>

<14> <> <OctetString> <nfs>

   5. If you are not using VAIM, but manually configuring SystemEDGE here is an example entry which can be placed in the file:

autowatch -index=11 -name='All FileSystems - Warning' -watchtype=generic -table=devTableEntry -attribute=devCapacity -criteria=.* -op=gt -value=95 -severity=warning -interval=60 -desc='All FileSystems - Warning' -monflags=0x0 -matchtype=positive -criteria2=devType -criteria2regex=nfs -matchtype2=negative -stype=absolute -scale=1 -objclass=devTableEntry -watchflags=0x0 -limit=100 -loss=remove 



Release: SEAUBC99000-12.9-Server Automation-Base Configuration