Project opened in MSP2013 throws Schedlink MFC Application has stopped working error


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Projects with baselines saved in Microsoft Project (MSP) 2010 (or older) and then opened in MSP 2013 generate error message saying: "Schedlink MFC Application has stopped working"

Steps to Reproduce:

1.     Create a project with a baseline in PPM

2.     Open the project in MSP 2010

3.     Create a task in MSP 2010 and save back to PPM

4.     Open the project from PPM to MSP 2013

Expected Results: The project opens successfully in MSP 2013

Actual Results: Receive a message saying some similar to "Project: 11 Receiving baseline revision: 1" and/or "Schedlink MFC Application has stopped working"


This issue is caused by CLRT-77308. It appears the issue is due to baselines that are created pre MSP 2013.  


MSP Interface: Legacy Driver

MSP Version: 2013


This issue is fixed in CA PPM 14.4.


Temporarily delete the mpp file from the prdocument table for the project(s) with the issue.

If on CA PPM 14.3 or lower, it is recommended to only save a project in one version of MSP, as this issue will happen each time the project is saved in MSP2010 and then attempted to be opened in MSP 2013. 

Below are the steps to do this (For On Demand customers, please open a case to have this resolved):


  • The update will wipe out the views for the project, so when the project is opened from PPM after the update, the project will only open with the default columns. Users will have to recreate their views for the project, unless they have them saved in MSP. (This doesn't apply starting in the 14.2 new driver, as views are no longer saved. Users should always save the views on their MSP and switch to that view after the project opens).
  • Any custom field data not mapped to PPM will be deleted from the project. This only impacts data entered in a MSP Field (such as a text field) and that data isn't stored in PPM.
  • In the MSP New Driver: All Fixed Work tasks will change to task type of Fixed Units due to a limitation in the new driver. After running the query, manually change all applicable tasks to Fixed Work the next time the project is opened in MSP. 

Run the below query on the PPM Database:

update prdocument

set prrecordid = ?? where prrecordid=?

and prtablename= 'PRJ_PROJECTS'


1. Replace the ? with the 5 million number of the project. For ?? change the 5 to a 9. This will create a backup of the record in the database.

2. Run the below query to ensure that there is not already a project with the ?? prrecordid:

        select * from prdocument where prrecordid = ??

3. To find the 5 million number for the project, you can run the below query (or it can be found in the PPM URL when clicking on the link to the project from the project list) 

 select id from inv_investments where name='<project name>' and object_type = 'PROJECT' 

Additional Information

- Reference Release Notes and CA PPM Resolved Defects Index for CA PPM 14.4

- Reference TEC1545414 : In the new MSP Driver, custom views are not Saved