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Boot server - "No valid/active interfaces found"


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  • In order to server multiple subnets with a Single BootSrver multiple VLAN's were configured.
  • After this the BootServer CAF plugin (SDMPCSERVER) Stopped as soon as it was started.
  • In TRC_USD_MPCWORKER_0.log the following error can be seen.
     "No valid/active interfaces found"


  • OS = Any


  • The BootServer is not able to bind to large numbers of Network Interfaces. As 20+ VLAN's were added this caused the process to stop when it could not bind to a valid Network Interface.


  • CA Best Practice is not to use VLAN's in order to use a single boot server with multiple Subnets.
  • CA Best Practice is to configure an "IP Helper" to route the PXE DHCP request to the boot server as well as the production DHCP Servers.
  • The CA Client Automation BootServer behaves as a DHCP Proxy. It listens for and responds to standard DHCP PXE requests with an OFFER of it's IP Address and the name of the bootfile.
  • PXE leases the IP from DHCP and then contacts the BootServer on the IP Address in the OFFER and the OSIM process is performed.

Additional Information: 

For Further Information please refer to chapter 19 of the Desktop and Server Management Green Book and the Operating System Installation Management Advanced Topics Green Book.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence