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Alternative methods for starting and ending the Dispatch subtasks instead of using the VOPMI100 screen.


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Are subtask startup commands supported via the Dispatch WTOR? How about via MVS Modify commands? Other than using the VOPMI100 screen, is there some other method for starting the Dispatch subtasks such as operator commands or perhaps a batch job for example?


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch


The commands that start and end the various Dispatch subtasks MUST be issued from within the Dispatch address space itself. Therefore, MVS Modify commands can not be used. Commands CAN be issued against the Dispatch WTOR however, in order to issue subtask start and stop commands from the WTOR, you would first have to have some kind of automation process that actually signs on to Dispatch via the WTOR before the commands can be issued. 

That said, CA Dispatch does provide a BATCH utility that allows you to issue the subtask start and stop commands so that you are not limited to only issuing them from the VOPMI100 screen or at the ENTER NEXT TASK CODE prompt. The Dispatch provided batch job is called DSEXBCMD and when submitted, actually signs on to Dispatch and issues the commands that are coded in the jobs DSBCMD01 control member.

Additional Information

The CA Dispatch documentation is available for download from our legacy bookshelf located HERE

-Details on executing the DSEXBCMD utility can be found in the CA Dispatch 11.7 System Programmers Guide in "Chapter 13: Utilities" starting on page 419 under the topic "DSEXBCMD—Batch Command Utility".

-For a sample of the commands available to the DSEXBCMD utility for starting and ending the subtasks, refer to "Chapter 3: Installation Options" starting on page 57 under the topic "Starting and Ending Tasks" also in the System Programmers Guide.

- The CA Dispatch 11.7 Reference Guide also has some very good information related to starting and ending the subtasks documented under the topics "Starting and Ending Tasks" and "How To Start External Tasks as Started Tasks" in the Chapter entitled "Appendix A: Operator's Handbook" starting on page 476.