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Spectrum Connector is not publishing WilyAgent alert into SOI


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CA Spectrum



The Spectrum is getting the APM Introscope alerts but the Spectrum Connector is not publishing them into SOI.

Application Performance Management (APM) Introscope integrated with Spectrum.




Service Operations Insight (SOI) 3.2 CUM3

Spectrum Connector



The Spectrum Connector is not publishing the WilyAgent alert into SOI because it is was generated on the invalid model. The connector will pass the alert for the models that it sent to SOI.

The following message was found in the spectrumIM_Connector_server01.log file for the model handle 0x1075a9, which indicates the alarm was ignored by the Spectrum Connector because it was generated on invalid model.

[PoolThread-342: GlobalPool => AlarmUpdateThread],10-28-15 10:14:51,DEBUG handleAlarmsUpdated      :118   Alarm on invalid model, ignoring: { 0x1075a9, 5630bc3a-3320-1007-02e6-001a4a7c493b }



The basic filter Devices.xml and NonDevices.xml do not have this model type included. With those xml files the Spectrum Connector will decide on what models it will pass to SOI.


In the ..\CA\SOI\resources\Configurations\SpectrumIM\NonDevice.xml you will find similar to following:


<attribute id="0x10000">





<attribute id="0x10000">





Here add a new <equals> tag for the WilyAgent model type:


<attribute id="0x10000">

<value> WilyAgent</value>




Restart the Spectrum Connector to pick the changes.





Release: SPDBIP99000-9.4-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-IP Services Manager