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Clarification of TSS1366W for SECCACHE feature.


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP




The CA Top Secret for z/OS Message Reference Guide states the following for the TSS1366W message: 


SECCACHE Data | Index area is nnn% full                                     
This message is issued to the operator console if the data or index areas of the cache reach the threshold full warning level and sufficient space cannot
be recovered automatically to lower the percentage full below the warning level. The message remains on the console until sufficient space can be     
recovered, the security record cache is deactivated, or the security address space is terminated.
The last part of the reason may lead to some confusion. Why could CA Top Secret for z/OS be terminated? This may not be acceptable on production systems.      
Both the CA Top Secret for z/OS Control Options Guide and Message Reference Guide state this. 





The message conveys the correct status information. It does NOT infer that the condition causing the message to be displayed on the console will result
in an abnormal termination of the CA Top Secret for z/OS address space.  
It is simply describing a highlighted, non-scrollable message and the multiple conditions under which it would change to a non-highlighted scrollable message.  
The last sentence should be read and interpreted as follows:                                            
The message remains on the console until sufficient space can be recovered, 
The message remains on the console until the security record cache is deactivated,                                                                
The message remains on the console until the CA Top Secret for z/OS security address space is terminated via an operator request.                                                            


Additional Information:


Refer to CA Top Secret for z/OS Control Options Guide and CA Top Secret Message Reference Guide for additional details.


Release: TOPSEC00200-15-Top Secret-Security