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Communication between SCS address space ( MSMCPROC ) and MSMMUF.


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


After checking the CA MSM documentation on configuring SCS, it is not very clear what needs to be done on the LPAR where it runs. Can you please clarify?

It seems to imply that I need to start the SCS address space (MSMCPROC) on the LPAR where the configuration will be done, but it didn't say anything about whether I need to also start the MSMMUF on this LPAR, and MSMCPROC appears to be trying to connect to MSMMUF during start-up. If I do need to start MSMMUF on this remote LPAR, can you tell me what procedure I can follow? 

You don't need the MSMMUF on the remote LPAR for MSMCPROC where the configuration will be done, you just need to copy the CAAXLOAD and CUSLIB from  MSMMUF LPAR to the remote LPAR so it can be accessed by MSMCPROC.


Additional Information:
CA MSM Administrator Guide




Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager