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Why does a TSS GENREQ command generate an SHA1 digital certificate?


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When I execute a TSS GENCERT command with SIGNALG(SHA256) to get an SHA256 certificate. A list shows that it is OK: ALGORITHM = sha256WithRSAEncryption    
When I execute a TSS GENREQ command to produce a file to be signed, the certificate in the file is an SHA1 certificate.
Why isn't it an SHA256 digital certificate?  





At present, when we do a TSS GENREQ command, the request PK10 that is produced will be SHA1 even if the CERT was SHA256.
This should not be a problem since the signer will replace the signature later.
That is the one that will be used once the certificate is added back in to CA Top Secret.                          


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To rework this logic, so that when you issue the TSS GENREQ command, the PKCS#10 certificate request produced will have the SHA256 signing algorithm if the digital certificate had an SHA256 signing algorithm, is considered an enhancement request.


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