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CA XCOM XCOMN1303 Operator request failed, Error code 1301 getting History records using GUI


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - Windows


I am doing a transfer with CA-XCOM R.11.6 Windows Server and when I tried to do a Submit in the Get History Records tab to see the log of the output, I received error message: 

XCOMN3523E Meta Transfer interface error has occurred. Please see the log file for details. 
XCOMN1303 Operator request failed, Error code1301.  




Release: XCOM Data Transport for Windows 11.6
Component: xcpcnt
Windows 2008 R2
MySQL database


Since a database is being used to store the XCOM history records, you must make sure that you have updated the existing XCOMHIST database using the supplied "histupdateDB.sql" file. The file will be found in the Config subdirectory where XCOM was installed. 

Additional Information

For information about updating the database, please see

Upgrade History Database Schema