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Registration Service log reports "Duplicate asset found in CORA" - How to troubleshoot this?


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You review CA Asset Portfolio Management - Registration Service log files and notice error messages such as this:

2015-09-25 08:15:49,785 UTC [7292] ERROR CA.Applications.RegistrationService.CORAProcessor - Duplicate asset found in CORA for: <UUID>.

The above error might get logged when Registration Service detects duplicate assets in the database. One common cause of this problem is when a user inactivates assets and creates new active assets using the same CORA unique fields such as resource_name or serial_number. Because CORA does not consider the 'inactive' field when looking for duplicates this could lead to errors being logged.


CA Service Desk 17.1 and higher


A simple way to detect duplicates is by using the below query (you can improve it by adding more fields/UUID's as per requirement):

SELECT * FROM ca_owned_resource WHERE resource_name IN (SELECT resource_name FROM ca_owned_resource WHERE own_resource_uuid IN (<UUID-REPORTED-IN-REGSVC LOG>, <NEXT-UUID-REPORTED-IN-REGSVC LOG>)) OR serial_number IN (SELECT serial_number FROM ca_owned_resource WHERE own_resource_uuid IN (<UUID-REPORTED-IN-REGSVC LOG>, <NEXT-UUID-REPORTED-IN-REGSVC LOG>))

The above query will return all assets with the same resource_name or serial_number of the assets which had their UUID's reported in the Registration Service. Based on the results you can take a decision on how to best resolve the duplicate conflicts. If you have inactive records being reported as duplicates you might need to delete those inactive records or update the duplicate fields so that they no longer get picked by Registration Service.