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How to configure Service Desk Manager to point to a different database platform then it does currently


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How can I configure my Service Desk Manager install to connect to an MS SQL platform if I am currently configured to connect to a Oracle database?


Warning:  These instructions will only configure your Service Desk install to point to a new DBMS.  It will NOT migrate any data you may have in the original DBMS over to the destination DBMS.  Direct data migration between two dissimilar DBMS's is outside the scope of CA Support.

The following steps should be performed:

1. Browse into the Service Desk Manager install folder and find the directory "pdmconf". Make a backup of the files "pdm_startup" and "pdm_startup.tpl". Open the file "pdm_startup" (with no file extension) using a text editor.

2. Search for the following:


3. Edit the item to become:


4. Open the file "pdm_startup.tpl" and find:


5. Edit the item to become:


6. Complete a pdm_configure on the server, and make sure to include the updated database information at the database step of the configuration process.


NOTE: The steps above provide an example of changing from an Oracle database to an MS SQL database. Similar steps could be used to change from MS SQL to Oracle, just change the database reference to be the desired database.



Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License