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CA Systems Performance Liteagent is discontinued in 12.9 but when upgrading from previous versions is not uninstalled. Is it possible to uninstall it?


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When upgrading agents to 12.9 from previous versions, the CA Systems Performance Liteagent is not uninstalled even if the documentation states that it has been discontinued. Is it possible to uninstall it?



This is the expected behaviour as even if it has been discontinued, it is in place if still needed. New agent installations do not install it.

If it is not needed anymore, the following msiexec commands will help to deregister the AM client from the Liteagent and then uninstall the LiteAgent itself:


  • AM client: msiexec.exe /x {B6588B4E-CF7C-4FF7-AC15-62A8FFD2A506} /l*v %temp%\rmPerfLiteClient.log /qn 
  • LiteAgent: msiexec.exe /x {019094B6-40C9-45AE-A799-CCA2D6AA66A6} /l*v %temp%\rmPerfLiteAgent.log /qn



Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence