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CA Performance Manager (CAPM) Notification rule doesn't send email or traps


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After creating Notification rules and setting a Threshold Profile folder as the target, no Notification rule activity is observed.

In this example it was a Notification rule configured to send an email. Though regardless of Notification rule activity choice, whether it is set to send an email or a trap, the problem would be the same.

No email was received from the Notification rule, despite email having been configured successfully in CA Performance Manager (CAPM). This is validated by sending a Dashboard PDF via email and receiving the requested PDF output in email successfully.



The CAPM Notification Rules use the same configuration and code as the Filtered Events views. There recently were a few defects around this code. This caused the rules, when created, to automatically add Threshold Profile folder(s) to the Notification rule configuration upon initial creation.

Instead it should leave the user to manually select the appropriate individual Event Rules within a given Threshold Profile folder to apply to the Notification rule.



Ensure when creating new Notification rules, after first creating the new rule, remove the Threshold Profile folder the system adds. Then complete the rule creation by adding the appropriate individual Event Rules within a given Threshold Profile folder to apply to the Notification rule.

This can be done either:

  • Before saving the new rule at initial creation
  • After initial rule creation after it is saved. IE: Save the new rule then open it for editing and make the necessary changes.

This is at this time tentatively slated for resolution with code change in the 2.7 release of CA Performance Manager.


Release: IMDAGG99000-2.5-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator