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How to request a new model for CA Visual Infrastructure


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CA Visual Infrastructure



I need to request a new model or make a change to an existing model in CA Visual Infrastructure (CAVI)



Model requests

Whether the model is unique to your data center or a popular model, Optimum Path Inc. (OPI) will create a 3D model based on the name plate specs of the manufacturer. If the model being created is custom OPI will take the provided dimensions and images to create a 3D model for your instance. Model requests can be created many different ways: through 3D client, 2D web UI, or support ticket. 

When creating a model request, you MUST submit the models using the attached spreadsheet. At the very minimum you must provide the Type, Manufacturer, Product Line, Model, and a URL where the nameplate information is contained. The OPI engineers will construct the model with any nameplate information that is provided from the URL given. Any nameplate information that is not on the website may not be added. If nameplate information that must be a part of the model is not provided by the URL, you may create an attribute field on the spreadsheet as well as the value and it will make it on the model request. Any attribute that is not populated on the spreadsheet cannot be guaranteed to make the model's attribute list.

 Fill out the provided Excel file and attach to a support ticket.

Note: When submitting this model request form input in the subject field "Model Request".


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Release: CAVIST99000-4.11-Visual Infrastructure-Site

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