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What are your recommendation for testing to ensure CA-Deliver is working correctly?


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What I need is a batch job that would simulate a simple capture by CA-Deliver
and a process to verify that it worked. What is your recommendation for testing
to ensure CA-Deliver is working correctly?    


Our recommendation for testing to ensure CA-Deliver is working correctly and
to test Pre and Post Jes pickup and bundle submission is:                   
 1. Set up and run an RMODBB job that will:                                 
      a. Define 2 test jobs in CA Deliver                                     
         1) one a test basic report                                           
         2) one a test stacked report                                         
      b. Define a test distirbition id for the test reports                   
      c. Define a test bundle definition that contains the 2 test reports 

  2. To test the pre-spool processing, run an IEBGENER for one test job,      
     where the job execution class is one of the classes listed in the        
     RMOPARM JOBCLSL, and the sysout output goes to one of the classes        
     listed in the RMOPARM SYSCLSL.                                           
  3. To test the post-spool processing, run an IEBGENER test job to an        
     execution class NOT specified in the RMOPARM JOBCLSL, and the sysout     
     output should go to one of the classes specified for the RMOPARMs        
     NETCLSL (class), NETDEST (destination) and NETFORM (form).               
 When the jobs are processed, the reports will be part of the test bundle which
 should be submitted to print.                       


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO