Change a name of a field shown in an error message AHD03121?
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Change a name of a field shown in an error message AHD03121?


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We set up a customized field called "zest_cost" as a required field for a specific Change Order Status by following KB Article 32045.

On 'Update Status' Activity, when changing the Status to the one with the required field, an error message "AHD03121: Required dependent attribute zest_cost is missing from object Change Order. Please cancel and populate the zest_cost field." appears. Is it possible to change the field name shown in the error message to a meaningful name, i.e. actual field name in a Change Order Detail screen?


Release: 12.6 or higher
Component:  CA Service Desk Manager


In order to change the field name displayed in the error message, you need to modify "Display Name" of the column in Schema Designer.

1. Log into Web Screen Painter using Service Desk Administrator account.

2. Launch Schema Designer and locate the custom column you would like to change the name.

3. Modify 'Display Name', for example, in this case, change it from "zest_cost" to "Estimated Cost".

4. Select [File] > [Save and Publish] and close Schema Designer and Web Screen Painter.

5. Stop the Service Desk service.

6. Open Command Prompt and run pdm_publish to take effect the schema change.

7. Start the Service Desk service.

After the above change, the error message is displayed as shown below.


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