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After upgrade to Netmaster for TCP/IP 12.1, LU to USERID correlation information is missing from the connection screens under IP Diagnostics. Where are the security exits?


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As of r12.1 of NetMaster, the security exits supplying LU to USERID correlation in the connection screens are supplied as load modules only, not source samples. This means that they are contained in the CC2DLOAD at install time instead of being added on an as needed basis.

This is not a problem if the CC2DLOAD is handled as recommended and placed in the Netmaster STEPLIB.
It becomes a problem when the library is placed in the LINKLIST - as is done in some customer environments.  In those instances, the exit module names for Top Secret and RACF were identical to the original exit names supplied by those products, causing accidental implementation of the wrong exit code.

For that reason, PTF RO79915 was written to rename the modules.

All three exits are still contained in CC2DLOAD.

If you want to implement any or all of them:

NMIPSEVX is the ACF-2 exit.  No rename is needed. Simply copy to the location needed for implementation by ACF2.
C2DINSTX is the Top Secret exit and needs to be renamed to TSSINSTX after it is copied.
C2DRIX02 is the RACF exit and needs to be renamed to ICHRIX02 after it is copied.


TSSINSTX can be activated via the MVS MODIFY command and the ACF-2 exit can also be refreshed without IPL.
As of this writing, RACF requires an IPL to activate ICHRIX02.  Please refer to the IBM documentation to verify.


Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster-File Transfer Management