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ASM CloudMonitor Agent is not displaying all of the metrics.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



    I have an ASM CloudMonitor Agent that was running fine and reporting all Monitors. However, now all I see are EM Host and EM Port metrics.  The Agent was not

    restarted and nothing changed.  My Monitors are active, so I know that is not the problem.





    All Agent versions from to current release



    This problem may be an API issue.  To confirm if this is happening, modify the <ASM CloudMonitor Agent home>/CloudMon/conf/ and enable DEBUG by setting the following properties, then saving and exiting.
      log4j.logger.CloudMonitorIntegration.EM=DEBUG, console, logfile
      log4j.logger.CloudMonitorIntegration.CloudMonitorAgent=DEBUG, console, logfile
    Look for a line similar to below.  Please note that the Total Folders and Monitors are 0.  This indicates that you have no active Monitors.
      10/24/15 10:27:26.940 PM EDT [DEBUG] [pool-1-thread-1] [CloudMonitorIntegration.CloudMonitorAgent] Total Folders:0 Monitors:0 Checkpoints:89
    Double check your Monitors.  If they are active, then run the following API's manually.
    2. Run the acct_login api by entering your ASM email address as the user and your ASM API password in the password field (please do not use your actual ASM login password as the two are different).  Then click on the Exec button.
    3. Once you get the results, copy the nkey and go back to the site in step 1 and click on rule_get.
    4. Paste the nkey from step 3 into the nkey field and click on Exec and get the results.  Below is a sample of the problem above.  Please note that the <rules>
        section in the XML is empty.  However, note that there are 4 <active> Monitors.  So why does the log message above state that I have no monitors?
       <watchmouse version="">
         <info>rule(s) found</info>
      Now below is an actual working output of rule_get.  Note that <rules> contains data and the Monitor has <active> set to "y".  In this situation, there was a
      change made to the ASM API that caused rule_get to return no data for the <rules> section, thus causing the Agent not to see any <active>y</active>
      elements.  This was fixed in ASM, but this KB was created to show you how we obtain the number of Monitors and Monitor information for the ASM CloudMonitor
      <watchmouse version="">
        <info>rule(s) found</info>
              <lastcheck>2015-09-08 14:27:19</lastcheck>
              <errorsince>2015-09-08 11:47:50</errorsince>


    If you see behavior like this or as listed below, please contact CA Technologies Support for further investigation.



  Additional Information:  

    If the above is working for you, then a few other possibilities to investigate are:
    1. Possible performance issue
    2. Network connectivity issue between the Agent and Collector
    3. Possible clamping issue


Release: CEMUGD00200-9.7-Introscope to CA Application-Performance Management-Upgrade Main