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CA Datacom TIME_SYNC command failed for ENF IMUF.


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I have CA Datacom running as an internal MUF (IMUF) to an ENF common services 14.1 address space. This weekend I tried to issue the COMM TIME_SYNC command to the ENF address space:  

     /f enfstartedtask, COMM TIME_SYNC

The command failed with CAS9216E invalid command not found. 

Why did this fail? Why is the command not found? 

Did this happen because datacom is only an internal MUF in ENF? If so is there a way to execute this command for the internal Datacom MUF running under ENF? 

Note: While the command failed the ENF address space time was synced once the system was IPLed.


CA Datacom/AD 12.0 and above under z/OS, used under ENF as an Internal Multi-User (IMUF)


If the imbedded Multi-User Facility (IMUF) is being used, you can issue CA Datacom MUF console commands to the IMUF task by using the ENF IMUFCMD command.

The command should have been:

/f enfstartedtask,IMUFCMD('TIME_SYNC')

Additional Information:

From CA common Services for z/OS Version 14.0 bookshelf – Reference Guide Version 14.0 at


The ENF imbedded Multi-User Facility command

If the imbedded Multi-user Facility is being used, you can issue CA Datacom/AD MUF console commands to the IMUF by using the ENF IMUFCMD command.

The format of the command is:

IMUFCMD('muf_command_string') where muf_command _string is 1 to 40 characters comprising a MUF command that is routed to the IMUF task.

For information on MUF console command structure and usage, see the appropriate  CA Datacom/AD guide.

If the MUF command contains one or more command parameters, muf_command_string must be framed within single quotes. Improper framing will cause a malformed command to be sent to the MUF task.




In the first example, no framing characters are necessary because the MUF STATUS command requires no parameters .

IMUFCMD are posted to the ENF joblog. 

The IMUFCMD command can be abbreviated to IMUFC.

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Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD