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The Service Desk Manager Connector isn't importing into SOI after upgrading to version 3.4


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After the install of the Service Desk Manager Connector 3.4, and integration with Service Operations Insight (SOI) you may be unable to import Services into SOI. The import appears to start, but never completes. Review of the ServiceDeskConnector logs will show errors like:

[ReqMgr:CA:00020_*SERVER*@*SERVER*_CatalystConnector] FATAL [] - Exception Occurred while executing query in executeSQL : SELECT DISTINCT bmhier.persistent_id,,bmhier.parent,bmhier.child,bmhier.ci_rel_type,bmhier.delete_flag,ci_rel_type.childtoparent, bmhier.description,bmhier.last_mod_dt,level,cyclePath,isCycle FROM bmhier INNER JOIN nr ON bmhier.child = INNER JOIN ci_rel_type ON WHERE bmhier.delete_flag=0 START WITH bmhier.child = U'*' AND (ci_rel_type.childtoparent NOT IN ('EMPTYORBLANK')) AND bmhier.delete_flag=0 CONNECT BY NOCYCLE PRIOR bmhier.parent = bmhier.child AND (ci_rel_type.childtoparent NOT IN ('EMPTYORBLANK')) AND bmhier.child NOT IN (SELECT FROM nr WHERE in (400053 )) and bmhier.delete_flag=0 and level< (9) order by level AHD12008:Attribute cyclePath referenced by Majic SQL query not found in object(s) bmhier nr ci_rel_type at cyclePath , 


This problem can be caused when the Service Desk Manager installation has not been patched to the latest cumulative patch level for the release.



Prior to the installation of the Service Desk Connector you must make sure that all the prerequisites are fulfilled, this includes installation of the latest cumulative patch for the release of Service Desk Manager. The list of prerequisites is located here:

The Service Desk Manager Connector does not perform a validation check prior to installation to assure the cumulative patches were applied, so will install without any error. If you have already installed the Connector you can resolve this problem by simply installing the Cumulative patch for the version of Service Desk Manager in use, and then recycling the services for the Service Desk Manager Connector. The problem should be resolved.



Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License