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Unable to add network element data error


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CA eHealth



Seeing messages like the the following, in the system.log: 

"Unable to add network element' data to the database" and 

"Unable to execute 'CREATE TABLE nh_stats0_nnnnnnn MONITORING LOGGING PTCTFREE 10 PCTUSED 75 TABLESPACE NH_DATA01 AS SELECT * FROM NH_RLP_STATS '(ORA-01658: unable to create INITAL extent for segment in tablespace N)" 



   Applicable to all versions of eHealth



    The current datafile for a given tablespace has filled up, reaching 32GB in size



       1. Determine which datafiles need to be created, by running "$NH_HOME/bin/sys/nhiShowDbSpace all"

           This will return 3 reports; one on "tablespaces", one on "file system"  and one on "datafiles". It is the third one that we want to look at. (Datafiles for tablespace NH_DATA01 will be named as follows; NH_DATA01A, NH_DATA01B, NH_DATA01C, etc.)

Look at the latest file, in this example, NH_DATA01C. If this is listed as being 32GB, you'll need to create an additional data file for the NH_DATA01 tablespace

      2. Use nhManageDbSpace, to create the datafile   (DB must be running)

nhManageDbSpace -add -newPath <directory> -tablespace NH_DATA01 -size 2000M

This will create an additional 2GB datafile for the NH_DATA01 tablespace, named, in this example, "NH_DATA01D". This all depends on how many datafiles have already been used, by this tablespace. 

This new datafile will automatically grow, until it reaches 32GB

      3. Restart eHealth







Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements