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Unable to run pdm_extract on the "usp_kpi" (Key Performance Indicator) tables.


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The "usp_kpi" (Key Performance Indicator) tables are listed in the documentation as:

  • usp_kpi Table
  • usp_kpi_data Table
  • usp_kpi_ticket_data Table


Normally, these documented table names may be used with CA Service Desk Manager tools such as "pdm_extract."

However, attempting to use the above table names will fail with "not a recognizable table" messages:

C:\>pdm_extract usp_kpi

usp_kpi is not a recognizable table.

C:\>pdm_extract usp_kpi_data

usp_kpi_data is not a recognizable table.

C:\>pdm_extract usp_kpi_ticket_data

usp_kpi_ticket_data is not a recognizable table.



This problem is in all current documentation for CA Service Desk Manager and IT Service Management.

It is not tied to a specific operating system, database, browser or other environment element.



This is a documentation error.
A CA Support issue has been opened to correct new documentation and the CA Wiki.


The correct table names to use are as follows:

  • usp_kpi Table >> Kpi Table
  • usp_kpi_data Table >> Kpi_Data Table
  • usp_kpi_ticket_data Table >> Kpi_Ticket_Data Table

Note that these table names are case sensitive.


Here is an example showing that these names are recognised:

C:\>pdm_extract Kpi_Ticket_Data


<<12 rows removed for example>>




Additional Information:

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Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License